Seems that forever I’ve had a secret lust.

The Martha Stewart Spice Rack. The one with the graduated, simple stairstep design. She doesn’t even make them anymore. (Even when she did, ones like this were like $250.00, CRAZINESS!)
Somehow in packing and getting ready to move, this secret came out and R took it upon himself to actually build me one. From scratch. Wood, saws, screws, used a triangle kind of build it. I requested mine be a bit smaller, so it actually fits on the counter, but I didn’t get to help much at all. I do get to finish and paint it, of course it will be citrus yellow. (my fav color) Since I don’t need any more reasons to adore this man, I’ll just add this little kindness to the top of the pile…he’s such a blessing from God in my life.

There’s something so beautiful about the whole project. We share so much, but the idea of seeing that piece of handmade love in the kitchen just makes my year. No matter what happens with the craziness of the move, (and you know moving is BANANAS!) I’m gonna keep that piece of wonderful in my line of sight. I’m also looking forward to that Chicago steak seasoning that’s going to sit on the top shelf of it. πŸ™‚ Dinner #1 already has wings!

Hope your heart is smiling, wherever you find yourself this evening! Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you manana, my friend! XO


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