Ever had one of those days that seems to just be begging to be added to the 
“all time greats” list?  A day when you end up doing, seeing, or experiencing something amazing that catches you and consumes you?  Had that today…

I think it’s been forever since I actually got to get dirty and really garden.  I found out that I’ve missed the smell of dirt, the feel of a shovel in my hands, and the satisfaction of doing something beautifully simple.  I did get a little too much sun.  I did sweat a lot.  I did not drink enough water.  one of that seems to matter.  What does matter is that something inside there that was thirsty got watered.  A little piece of longing I didn’t know I had got satisfied.  Feels really good! Grace and blessings all came at once today, for sure.

(Now hopefully everything I planted will live! LOL!)

I hope your days this week have been filled with good stuff, things that made you happy!  I know you’re busy planning your bash for the 4th, so have fun and talk to you tomorrow!  Be well and be blessed!

Much love to you and the fam! Peace & XO


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