Why is it that the blue jean in the ever present marker of body image?  We have our “skinny” ones, our “fat” ones and our “mom” ones…you name it, whatever your mood, body style, or flaw-they can cover it or flaunt it.

This afternoon I tried on a couple pairs that have been lingering in the closet for awhile (guess I needed a challenge on a perfectly good Sunday afternoon)…they actually fit comfortably and were a little big!  That’s such a nice way to start a new week.  That certainly feels like a milestone or an accomplishment, even though I dare not celebrate it.  🙂  Seems though, as long as there is a Yogurtland in my hood, I’ll be using them as barometers of my fitness-LOL!  Sigh…I do love their cheesecake gluten free/non-fat.

No matter how hard I try, I still fall victim of peer pressure when it comes to jeans and food…I live on coffee and protein shakes for ???  Guess I gotta work on weighing in on what really matters-like my health and happiness.  They def should come BEFORE the skinny jeans!  (right?) I’m gonna try focusing on the journey rather than the outcome (like the number on the scale or the size of the clothing) and see how that changes my perspectives about the whole process. I bet that will be more rewarding than even fitting into those jeans. 🙂

Hoping your week starts off smooth and throws you some great surprises!  Don’t forget to have a cookie sometime and keep it real!


Much love to you and the fam!  XO


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