Moving into a new day, letting the last one slip by…isn’t it crazy how fast time can pass by? How quickly the days can pile up into months, seasons, years, eras even. My new challenge is to help slow that down (even more than I’m already trying) by capturing more moments of that special stillness. I’m so motivated to not allow the hectic agendas and plans of the world take away my life.

Whether it’s in a camera, in a smile, in a kind word-life has got to be crafted from these little pebbles. Just like when I was a kid, wandering the shore or the path, I’d pick up stones and set them where I could see them. Tiny bits of place memory. Tiny pieces of eternity. I’m focused on those blessings, the nuggets God puts out there to keep me looking forward to the ones that come next. I hope that you’re feelin’ that, that you’re connected to your life, your peeps, your destiny. (‘Cause that’s the ticket to everything šŸ™‚ )

Yes, somebody loves you! Hoping that your day is moving smoothly to the place where you feel safe and sound…be blessed and talk to you tomorrow!!!


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