Variety is definitely something I look forward to in life…nothing ever is the same one day to the next. (Unless you let it be that way)  You probably also find that to be true in yours.   Likely that’s the key to enjoying life, allowing these little different bits to spice things up-but recognizing that they don’t have to become habit.  They can be random, it’s OK. 

I’m figuring out that when things become “the norm” I need to flip my viewpoint, so that I can be able to experience all the good stuff that’s not on my radar to come into my space, that stuff that will lead me further on the path I can’t see.  Even if I’m afraid, faith pulls me forward.  Doesn’t let me fall.  Keeps me from worry and fear, and really allows me to be free to live this life.  Once we can get outta “our” zones and into the big picture, that’s when life really begins.  You ready?  I am.  Let’s go!


Hope your week is going so well, you can’t believe it’s really about through!  Thursday!  Where did you come from?  Welcome!

Have a great night and talk to you tomorrow, my friend.  Much love to you and the fam! XO


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