There’s something funny that happens when you stare at something long enough. Things start to look different. You may see it in a different light, Sometimes it makes you reconsider it (if you were down on it), love it (when you were on the fence with one leg dangling), or even forget about it all together (’cause it wasn’t what you thought it would be).

This phenomenon doesn’t just apply to “stuff”, (like cars, handbags, or jelly doughnuts-although I’m leaping fences for some of that!) it could go for people, situations, relationships, opportunities, blessings…insert whatever you’re considering here. All of that doesn’t mean we’re fickle, just that we have the power of choice. (Read: The power to change your viewpoint. Key.)

Dang, and you know where choice came from… Don’t all roads just seem to somehow lead back to Him? 🙂

Much love to you and the fam! THURSDAY is already here and half over…where it went, who cares? One step closer to TGIF is what I say, yo!

More later, have a blessed day my friend! XO I’m LOVING this version of “Stay with Me”. Soul. Sam has soul. Amen!


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