I’m halfway reading this crazy book, 14,000 things to be happy about, (sorry, I can’t find the underline to make that right…LOL) and I just had to laugh this afternoon.  Let me warn you, you don’t “read” the thing, it’s a huge long list of funny random things that really are under applauded.  Heck, I don’t know if they were EVER applauded, but they should have been.

Here’s what made me smile today:  

big biceps

the line you draw on a check to prevent someone from writing “and a million dollars”

not just seizing the day, but making the day

keeping your hopes up

kids who think bath is spelled y-e-e-c-h

Special K going great with fruit

Ice cream cones that drip all over your hand

I know you’re shaking your head, but you’ve got to check out this book….you’re going to find something to identify with in it.

Would I steer you wrong?  🙂  Point of it all is that simplicity is the key to enjoying life.  Don’t put so much value and “stuff” all over the wonderfully beautiful things and moments that happen 24 hours a day/365 days a year.  That’s 1, 440 minutes a day.  525,600 minutes a year…and here we are at the commercial I ALWAYS LAUGH AT. (R always looks at me like I’m nuts, but I love the look on his face at the end when he can’t remember the number…sorry for the tangent)

OK, back on track.  Don’t be afraid to let things be simple and to not do or enjoy what everyone else is into.  Stay basic.  Be the tried and true stuff that’s not the most fancy or popular, but works.  That’s where the real deal is-in any situation you get into.  You’ll be happier in the long run, trust me on that one. You’ll also find out what you’re really all about, which is a priceless blessing.  

Hope your day has had some laughs!  TGIF to you!  Whatever you’ve got going on this weekend, I know you’re gonna find some reason to crack a smile…when I do, I’m gonna think of you!

Much love to you and the fam!  More later!  XO

Here’s that book!  Read a page or two here and there when you need to appreciate simplicity…where’s my waffles with strawberries and too much whipped cream???  (That’s gotta make the list)



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