french rose-imp


My new house came with a garden.  A smaller, way less grand version of Grey Gardens. Overgrown, bare in spots, and needing TLC.  I’m working on it, but keeping it true to it’s roots. The only people to live here before us actually built the house in the 50’s.  They lived here, raise their family, and passed away all in the same space.  Somewhere in the years, they took the time to collect and customize the garden with a few plants and some very interesting rocks.  (I imagine them in an Airstream, traveling the coast.  Stopping along the way for sandwiches in waxed paper, picking up good rocks as they came across them.  The gigantic chunks of petrified wood I found behind the hedge inspired that reverie! 🙂  )

You don’t know this about me, but in my past life professional training and throughout my formative years, geology (especially specimen collection and identification) was a hardcore hobby of mine.  Just like the bark of that cherry tree, I’d spent hours on my hands and knees in driveways or fields as a kid or even climbing through new construction sites in my college years-looking at rocks.  Every drive has pictures of geologic formations somewhere in the roll.  There wouldn’t be a car trip anywhere where I’d not come home with a trunkload or so of stones.  My desk, piled high with them.  On the floor around the edges of my room.  Garden and windowsills…you get the idea.  There is so much beauty in them!

Funny, how perfectly I feel this new home fits us.  Not just the rocks, but lots of other things about it.  There was a reason it sat empty 5 years…waiting for us.  I get the feeling somehow that the previous owners are looking down on us.  I feel them sometimes, smiling.  I appreciate what they left.  What they created in this space.  I’ve kept their vision alive, but added my own spin to it.  Funny, it’s not a creepy feeling, but a feeling of approval.  I like that.  A lot.

This rose hasn’t fully bloomed in years, I think I woke it up.  Something about its cotton candy loveliness makes me feel like I’m giving some thanks back…not just to them, but to God.  He brought us here and made me see that the value in things leftover isn’t always something you can put in your pocket.  Better than that, you can keep it in your heart.

Hoping your Friday has had a bit of sweetness in there somewhere…it’s after 5, so TGIF!!!  Have a wonderful evening!  Feels like a tapas night around here to me… I’ll save you a seat!

Much love to you and the fam!  More later!  XO



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