august down-imp
Tonight I braved the crowds at the beach to steal sunset. What a beauty to officially wrap up summer with!

I’m so glad I went down there…the feeling I’m still having from it is lighting up my night. I love the energy and power the sun shows as it slips behind those mountains…it looks so close, I feel like I could hear it sizzle.

Everyone there tonight was in a good mood, you could feel it. Hanging out, walking with friends, couples holding hands, kids laughing and running all over the beach. We were all gathered down there to end the day just to witness the sunset. United by the end of the day. That’s testimony to the power in a moment, for sure. God brings out the light show to light us up from inside, and to pull us all closer together. Even when we don’t realize it, just being together, matters. To me, that’s hope for all of us…things can’t be as bad as they say. We have the power to change that institution, it’s not our dream. It’s not His plan for us.

Hope that your weekend is going so well that it never ends! Technically it’s the extra Saturday, so enjoy your day off tomorrow…I don’t know what’s going on around here, but it had better slow the clock down.

Much love to you and the fam! More later, yo- XO

Now this, this is a voice…love this one, and Steve Perry’s talent. You can see how much he loves what he’s doing, that’s the coolest part.


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