I’m watching boxing with R, and it got me thinking about how we all have battles. No, not always in the ring, but it can feel that way. We get into it at work, at home, on the freeway, and even with ourselves. We battle the weather, our own limitations, the shortcomings of others, (at least we think they are their shortcomings! LOL) and we live again to have another go. Sometimes we do it with words or even physically, but even worse are those interior thoughts we wage war with. The war inside ourselves.

I’ve heard that a negative thought is one of the most powerful weapons you can have. They taint your spirit. Damage your heart. Take little chunks out of your soul every time they pop up. Nobody is immune to having them, we all do. Thing is, I’m thinking we need to be mindful of them. Even though nobody else can hear them, the damage is done. Done to us…and it takes a lot to repair it.

Good news is, we can fix it. (That’s grace, I think) We can be forgiven if we ask for it. We can focus on what we could do to help in the situations we might encounter that would bring up those kind of thoughts. Each of us could even train ourselves to turn from what brings us down that rabbit hole and choose not to even go there. Not easy. Not something that happens overnight, but we can start today.

The best place is by loving yourself…letting things just be. Yeah, we can all be better people, lose weight, be more fit, be more loving, allow people to help us more…but the effort to actually care about ourselves and say-“Hey, I realize that, but I’m dealing with it. How can I be happy where I am right now?”- has to come first. That let go and let it be attitude that brings us to an open spot where we can breathe…that’s the space I want to shoot for. I’m not there yet, but I’m workin’ my way there…He’s helping me get there, ’cause I don’t want to try and do it alone. 🙂

I hope your Tuesday (it’s already in the can!) went well and you’re ready for Hump Day! Short week, so thankfully we’re one day closer to that weekend…I know I need it, how ’bout you?

Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow! XO

Oh yes…I do love this one, and it seems to fit my mood just now…and the thought. Love you, friend.



  1. Well Said Amiga. 🙂


    1. 🙂 thanks, my sister. I love you!


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