The best way is always through.” ~Robert Frost


Doing my last HIIT session of burpees and mountain climbers today for the week I got to smiling. I made it through the week. Paid for it in sweat and truthfully tears. Sometimes I totally get some freaky hormonal thing and I go through circles of “why am I doing all this torture, is it doing me any good?” and “I can’t keep this up forever, I’m old as dirt.”…probably more things flew in there, but just as quickly left through the open window. Hangin’ in there, time in, time out-the tides are a changin’ with the physique and the outlook for sure.

Round after round, we all go through it. Not just with workouts of course, but with life. Moving through the daily grind is kind of like sailing, you can get knocked down, but the keel will swing you up and keep you headed toward that waypoint. We can’t let any of it keep us down for too long. (That’s certain demise time there, folks) Yeah, I’m gonna keep bustin’ through my workout thing 6 days a week. Yeah, I’ll probably still keep grousing about my abilities and whether it’s worthwhile. Normal stuff, but still thankful for the ability and strength to do all I’m called to (and want to) do.

Things we go through give us character. Experience. Wisdom. I don’t think God punishes us and gives us trials on purpose to see what we’re made of. He wants us to enjoy and love our lives. I think all that trial and punishment stuff is how we spin what the world throws on us…we need to clock it to the good side and keep on truckin’. After all, life is a gift, let’s enjoy it-every minute of it!

Hope your Friday rocked! Have a wonderful night and Saturday’s right around click of the clock-wow!
Much love to you and the fam! XO and have fun!
I love this one! (Even though I can’t dance…LOL)


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