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This week my good friend D’s daughter turned a milestone. Sixteen years old. 16. SIXTEEN! I’m remembering that time in my life through a haze of years that scares me… 🙂

Knowing this young dynamo and getting to spend time with her has been one of the biggest pleasures in my life. She’s an amazingly talented girl in so many arenas. I think pretty much anything she puts her mind and direction towards turns her way. Filled with a joyful spirit, an authentic kindness, and a special kind of style that shows every single time she flashes that million dollar smile, I’m always a little lighter in my heart when I see her in action. A’s of those rare individuals who’s always ready to lend a hand, share a laugh, and offer a shoulder to lean on when you’re done with it all. I’ve seen her sit tirelessly for hours, painting kid’s faces at an outreach, but still have time to help break the place down when the rest of us run out of steam. (There’s that endless energy of youth…and grace in action.)

Never give in, never let up, and never be afraid to go for what you’re passionate about. God’s given you all of those gifts to help light the world, so don’t be afraid to stand up and be fierce for what you believe in. Shine.

I’m celebrating her and her wonderful family tonight. Here’s to many more wonderful birthdays to come, and days filled with everything you set your heart on! Blessings and much love to you, Ms. A!

Much love also to you and your fam, I’m celebrating you as well tonight! Your heart makes mine able to keep on keepin’ on. Be well and be blessed, my fab friend!
Talk with you tomorrow! XO

Nothing more true…


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