The coast today was beautiful! A peaceful, bright, and beautiful day-one of those early fall days I just crave. Time in the breeze, time with my main squeeze, and time with a camera aimed at whatever pops up.

I love how the cliffs meet the ocean. They’ve been there for ages, just kissing the waves. The plants keep growing down them. Tumbling over each other but still holding tight to the rocks. Hanging on, despite the wind and weather. Making the most of their situation without questioning why. Trusting that it will always just be. What a model for living life…

I’m feeling that way tonight. Right with myself. Right with my life. Right with the moment. Inspired by a jolt of simple beauty…
Some of it has to do with me, but the most important foundation, that rock, is rooted in Him. Trust. Yeah, I’m holding on with faith, and I’m just perfect with that position. 🙂

I hope your Friday has been one filled with peace and quiet love. I know you’re ready for the weekend, too! Bring it on! Let’s get out there and have some good times!
Much love to you and the fam…talk to yo tomorrow, my friend. XO

Sums up the day with just am awesome Friday night feeling…love this one!


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