OK. I will admit it. (since we’re friends, I know you won’t judge me, right?) We are watching Drunk History. How I didn’t know this show existed before just a few weeks ago is beyond me.

Yeah, it’s messed up that the people retelling the stories are totally wasted. You’ve got to admit though, it is HILARIOUS.

Case in point, the Sports Heroes episode this week. You know, I got to thinking about Jim Abbot, Babe Didrikson, and Jim Thorpe. They had guts. They broke barriers. They didn’t take, “no-you can’t do that” as an answer to anything. That’s proof positive for thinking outside the box. Instead of letting their “limitations” define them, they kept the feet moving forward and never looked back. Sheer inspiration. That’s a lesson I’m catapulting my week with! (no,not the drunk part, LOL! The positive thinking part. Yeah, I googled each person as the show went on to get the straight scoop…)

The point is, whatever your deal is, JUST DO IT. Follow where it leads you and stay in the moment. Learn to appreciate your wins, your assets, and be easy on yourself when you need to be. Be brutal on yourself when the moment calls for it. Be honest with yourself, you’re the only one who will be. Don’t take life so seriously that you lose sight of what’s important. What’s important is different for everyone, it’s so subjective…but basically we all need the same things. Love, faith, heart, and to surround ourselves with people and situations that bring us up. There isn’t room for fear, doubt, and worry. No second guessing. No turning back. (That’s why we need faith so much) Move forward boldly.

Simplicity…love this one

Hoping that this week is going by without a hitch! Wednesday already popped up on the screen and I’m ready for it. 🙂 Have an awesome week!

Much love to you and the fam! Let that style shine and talk with you soon! XO


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