I’m always in the mood for a good cup of coffee…straight up. Black as mud. I’ll even drink it cold and two days old. (Not picky at all! LOL)

Somehow though, this time of year, the pumpkin-y spicy, warmly comforting latte-licious stuff gets me every time. When I’m too busy to leave my home office, I end up trying to concoct one at home like a mad scientist, with pretty awful results. (R won’t even drink it, so you know it’s awful) I did find this simple recipe that really turns out well and thought you might like to try it at home, too. I always think it’s fun to make stuff like this at home and share with someone special, you know? That’s what living the good life is all about, being positive no matter what and doing whatever you love-whether it’s lattes or whatever grabs your heart and inspires you. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful Friday night, (FRIDAY NIGHT! YAY!) my friend! When you try the latte, let me know what happens, we’re gonna give Peet’s a run for their money, yo!
Much love to you and the fam! Sleep well and talk to you tomorrow! XO

NOTE: When I tried this recipe on R, and he’s not a pumpkin spice latte or latte fan, he sucked it down so fast I wasn’t sure if he even tasted it! I made ours just as the recipe suggested except I used non-fat milk and stevia instead of sugar. (We don’t use sugar, just the liquid stevia drops, which I added to the latte after it was in the mug, not in the pan-just like at the coffee shop) Even with the non-fat milk and no sugar it was still creamy and very good, loved it.

For very little calories and no added fat, this one’s going into rotation as a dessert at our place… 🙂 Enjoy!


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