I don’t know if it happens to you, but around here, we get stuck in “food ruts”. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol sometimes rears its head and R will only eat scrambled eggs and apples! Routine is good if you’re a baton twirler, but not for mealtime, dig?

Today’s seeming like a great day to break out of that mess and move into something more fun. I mean, really-why do I have a Foreman grill if I can’t make a panini sometimes? LOL. Fall brings hearty veggies and squashes to roast…one of my fav things.

Found this post that gives a great list of what’s in season and some cool ideas for everything from cocktails to desserts. (Of course there are some main dishes and sides included, but I thought I’d mention the important stuff first 😉 )

31 new choices, so you can try a new one every single day for a month and never be bored with the same ‘ol again, well, at least for a month. I’m loving the looks of the Kale and Sausage Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash and the Roasted Cauliflower, Sage, and Almond Risotto. (I’ll have to 86 those cranberries though, sadly R isn’t a fan) Drag up a stool and grab your bestie, ‘cos it’s way more fun to cook at home and add a dash of cozy love, you know?

Go for it! This week is getting by us and we’ve got lots more to squeeze some fun out of, so don’t worry-today’s not over yet!

Much love to you and the fam! Have a wonderful night and be blessed, yo! Talk to you tomorrow! XO

OH! In case none of those recipes tickle your tastebuds, I just found a BANANA BREAD RECIPE from Dominique Ansel, (The pastry chef who created the real cronut in SoHo) and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like a banana bread. Oh man, I’m making it tonight!

Note: Oh yes, I did make this banana bread, (genius) this morning. Couple of things about it.
1. AWESOME. Tastes incredible!
2. Will make your house smell like a bakery.
3. Even people who have “vowed” off carbs, like R will succumb with a smile on their faces…I’m so bad for tempting him, even if it is on accident.

I did change the recipe a tiny bit (since I am gluten free). I used Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour blend, cup for cup, same amount as the recipe stated.
I also don’t eat a lot of sugar, so for the 2 cups, I substituted 3/4 C coconut sugar (One Earth brand) and 1/3 C coarse organic turbinado sugar. (they both made it plenty sweet)

I be the original recipe is even better! Let me know what you think when you make it!


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