Opened my email (the junky one) for the first time in a few days and OH YEAH!, got totally psyched for the challenge of the day. (Well, the challenge for the next 6 weeks…) I gotta tell you though, it took me an hour to get fully psyched…



OK, yes, I may be a little too into exercise on a daily basis, but I do it because I love it and it keeps me movin’ through this life. R and I are gonna enter this thing and have a friendly competition of our own. Think about it. Just 6 weeks. How far can we go? I’m all in! The $10K is gonna be the icing on the only cake I get for 6 weeks… 🙂 I’m planning to donate a big chunk of it when I win to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, because I think that no kid should have any treatment for a serious illness barred due to insurance or monetary restrictions. Families have more to concentrate on when their kids are that ill.

Here’s the next challenge. Hint, it involves you…
(click the link above, enter your deets, and take the plunge…) (I’m whispering that, so you get it subliminally…lol) C’mon. Join in the fun! The worst thing that can happen is that in 6 weeks-just in time for Thanksgiving-you’ll be super buff and everyone at the family dinner will be telling you how fab you look! That’s not so bad, eh?

Think what great stuff we could do with the prizes? (Prize #1: money and Prize #2: increased health and wellness…) Health is such a blessing. We know this. Taking care of ourselves helps us take better care of everyone in our lives, you know? I’m so grateful to be in a position physically to do this thing, not taking that for granted, for sure.

Now all you gotta decide now, SHRED or BULK?
Here’s a little training inspiration…not that you need it! LOL, I can’t stop laughing…
Get your Euro Hams Ready, yo!

I’ll keep you updated over the next few weeks about my progress, I have a feeling it’s gonna be quite a cool ride. I can’t wait for Monday!

Much love to you and the fam! Have a fantastic FRIDAY (woohoo!) night!
Talk to you tomorrow, my friend.


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