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I love days like today…Saturdays are usually very busy around here, but in the end, I gotta make sure to grab some time to just be. Make sure that my heart doesn’t get bogged down with the to-do list.

That’s probably the biggest challenge in life, huh? Stopping all the chatter, inside and out, and taking a few moments to connect to whatever makes you happiest. That stuff that gives you wings. Everyone is different, so happy is really subjective-but that’s the thing that makes this world so cool and inspiring. Everybody loving their thing, and sharing that positive energy with everything and everyone that touches their lives.

I’m figuring out that that positive energy source is UNLIMITED and always there for us to tap into…that’s the nicest feeling and hugest inspiration…peaceful abundance. No competition, no pushing and shoving for it, no greed required…me for one, I want to keep that around me tightly. Not lettin’ that stuff in, for real.

I hope your day, your weekend has been going for a lovely turn! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! Wishing you days filled with kindness and at least one ice cream cone! 😉

Much love to you and the fam! Gotta have some coffee, else I won’t make it to the good stuff tonight! Talk to you tomorrow! XO

This girl was bullied on social media and turned Canada upside down with her POSITIVE WORDS. Our positivity is one of the most powerful forces in the universe! Words, thoughts, deeds…it all matters. Way to shine, Caitlin!

These are YOUR Truths! Believe them 🙂


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