fern - Version 2-imp

Vancouver, British Columbia is one of our most favorite places on the planet…

I’ve been so wrapped up with production stuff this week that I hardly had a minute to breathe, but I did get a sec just now to miss it there. There’s just so much about the way life is there that I love. I’m gonna defect, you watch!

We go every year, usually in the fall before the rainy season starts. I love the chill in the air. Running in Stanley Park in the early morning along the seawall, seeing those totem poles in the distance and the lighthouse around the loop. Strolling for a coffee that you don’t have to drink from a paper cup while running to a meeting…that, my friends, is my kind of life!

Miles to go before I sleep, that’s the norm ’round here for the last couple of weeks, LOL. I’ll get there eventually…I’m just thankful to be able to do it all and still be me.

Hoping your Hump Day went off without a hitch! Save me a seat at the corner bakery and a GIANT AMERICANO or if you’re not stoppin’ there, the Chevron has some good stuff, too! 🙂
(I ain’t picky, yo!)

Much love to you and the fam! That sunshine out there is just for you, ‘cos He loves ya! XO

This song is SO STUCK IN MY HEAD from this commercial…considering that I make them, I guess I gotta appreciate it for its twisted genius…

This version is the whole song, ‘case you didn’t get enough either 🙂 BTW, I still dance just like that chick in the middle! (See, that’s why I just don’t dance! HEHEHEHE)


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