It’s always the same. When we travel anywhere for even a few days, I’m excited to go…the change of scenery, the difference in the air, the light-it’s all a set of new combinations to see the world with.

Coming home though, that’s the sweetest part of leaving it…I bet you’ll agree. Nothing feels that special way, does it? Can’t put my finger on how it’s different, but it is.

I think home is wherever you feel loved. Wherever you feel safe to be you and do your thing. Really, it’s wherever you are at any moment, technically, ’cause where you really come from is in your heart… and that travels with you wherever you go. Being in a certain place is just logistics. 🙂

Loved this…and the song. 🙂 It’s never the same thing twice, is it? Keep that heart open and your chin up!

Much love to you at the end of this Monday! Tuesday’s in the queue, and I can’t wait to see what comes next…

Have fun with the fam tonight! Talk to you tomorrow! XO


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