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I can’t believe we’ve made it through a whole month already! October flew away like those clouds of geese on their way to winter homes…I’m sitting here with my nose in three screens on the last Thursday of the month with whiplash.

Today feels like the kind of day that’s gonna hold some great surprise for us, you know? I feel some anticipation building, like knowing there’s a birthday party to go to on Saturday when you’re 7. Funny how feelings can drive us, isn’t it?

Starting off the day in a positive way certainly helps me to get going on the good foot. I try to always see something great when I open my eyes for the first time…then BEFORE the coffee, (that’s a tough choice, LOL) I go over some things I’m grateful for right now and form the day before.  Things that happened in my life, things I hope to finish today that I started yesterday.   Helps me focus.

What do you do to get your day flyin’ straight?

Some people meditate, some pray, some read a great book or do yoga.  Routines are great ways to give yourself a little breathing space and peace before you jump headlong into the day. You gotta make life fun and make it your own, you know?  No matter what the routine is, just make sure it builds you up and motivates you to do all you love to do.    I’m finding out though,  to get enough of that time in before things go batty, I gotta get up earlier and earlier!

Sacrifices.  🙂  Blessings come in all sorts of ways…that we can count on.

My personal themesong…Tell Me Somethin’ Good or don’t tell me nothin’!  I just love it.  Go on, Chaka!


Hope that today brings you SOMETHING GOOD!  Every little bit counts, so don’t miss out!

Much love to you and the fam, talk with you tomorrow!  XO


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