I hope your weekend was fab! Added bonus, an extra hour of daylight to enjoy…nice, right? We got to do a little exercise, a few odds and ends and a great hike in Malibu. All in all, a perfect day!

I had to share this video.. Part of what made today more special was the music of Mark Romero. Maybe you’ve heard of him, I just did this morning when R shared this video. I’m telling you, on the way to our hike, we listened to one of his playlists…and I was filled with such peace and a feeling of well being. Life is what we make it, and I really think a huge part of creating our best lives is being free from all the things that hold us back. Taking control of what touches us and moving forward is self love. We need to do that first, so we can truly reach toward our unlimited potential.

A truly amazing spirit comes from this gifted musician! I love what he’s sayin’ and what he’s playin’. When we were finished listening to him, my inner voice said very clearly, “he’s an angel, sent here to help people see…” What a lovely confirmation to the experience I felt when I heard him.

Give him a listen and let me know what you think…
Be well and be blessed, my friend!

Talk to you tomorrow! Movie night tonight… XO


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