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I didn’t see this live the other day, but I did just now watch this recording. Would you do it? R and I were just talking the other day about taking chances…

Me, I’m into risks-just not physical ones. You won’t find me bungee jumping or swimming with sharks. I’ll try almost anything once, like a new job that I’ve never had experience with or moving sight unseen to a new part of the country where I don’t know a soul. Those are scary things, but that’s the kind of thing to me that keeps life interesting. 🙂 I’m thankful for the courage to keep on keepin’ on, for sure. Not looking back, not living with regrets, continually moving forward, staying positive, keeping the faith- those are the biggest challenges facing us all. We’re making it. One step at a time. That’s what matters.

Nope, not for me this tight rope thing, but to each his own! It’s still amazing to see though, huh? Blindfolded!!!

Hoping your start to the week has been smooth as butter! Wednesday’s on my radar and I’m ready for it…c’mon middle of the week, I’m ready for you!

Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you manana! XO



  1. Loved the video!


    1. I know, he really had some bravery called up on that one…


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