How’s Monday been for you? Ridin’ high on wings of soaring eagles? I know you are, for sure-’cause I can see you doing that! (Weirdly, yeah, I can… 🙂 )

I was just taking a break, and thought back to the moment when I took the shot of the horses you’re seeing. Two small Arabians, owned by the guy who fixed my hot water heater.  I think I was more like his assistant, since his couldn’t make it. In crawling around to install that new water heater, what ended up happening was one of those times you look back at and smile.  The experience was actually fun!

We got to be friends. He brought me apples from his garden and a cool Japanese melon that Aiko devoured. He found out I liked to take pictures and he invited me to his ranch to see his horses.   I got to meet his beauties and see that he was WAY more like me than I would’ve guessed.

I love it when that happens. There’s always room in a day for a nice surprise when you don’t expect it, you know?

A former racehorse trainer, he kept these two because he would’ve missed being around what he loved. He built the coolest treehouse, before they were hipster (his had a bathroom, yes), he was an organic gardener who saved his own seeds from year to year, he had a wife who made awesome jam, and oh yes-he had two beautiful Arabians for me to shoot. I watched them run around for an hour. They were so guarded at first, but soon, they were flying past and actually begging to be photographed. I love the angle in a horse’s neck, particularly the Arabian’s neck. It’s like Greek sculpture…

The pale horse though, still captivates me. Saki.


Boiling all that down into one sentence is easy.

I’m recognizing that all people and creatures-great and small have these kinds of things about them we don’t see from first glance; appreciating everyone’s gifts fills the world with color.

Shine today, my friends.  Let your gifts guide you in whatever you do.  Never stick them on the back burner and “wait” for a time when you can really showcase them.  The time is now, and you’re ready-so JUST DO IT!  I can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things you accomplish.

Here’s a smashing success story that I just LOVE. (Both her and her music)

Hoping your week is going smoothly as a river running downhill.  I’m still working, but I’m doing it with a full heart.  Today is the first day of a new era, my friends!  Rejoice!

Much love to you and the fam!  Talk to you tomorrow!  XO


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  1. This is true we have to go after our dreams so we don’t miss a golden opportunity when it comes along. Nice post!

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