glory tight

I really want to reach out and thank every Veteran today-past and present. Along with them, thanks to their families, friends, and supporters.
Your courage, bravery, and sacrifice inspire me to appreciate everything I have. Thank you, for being you!

Being married to a Navy Vet, and from a family filled with Vets makes me appreciate them every day firsthand-as I know you do, too. Everyone I talk to seems to be connected to the military in some way. We’re all an extended family of sorts.

I love this video about the experience Nissan and the Wounded Warrior Project gave to two Vets to help out some fellow Vets in Alaska. You can hear it in their voices, see it in their faces, feel it in their actions-they are healing. They are moving forward. They’re sharing their love of life with these comrades up there where lots of support might be in short supply since they are so isolated. What a cool story!

I’m hoping you had a restful and great day today filled with something you really loved doing. Be well, be blessed and take care, my friends.
Much love to you and yours. XO


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