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These last few mornings we’ve been hearing knocking. Loud knocking, like someone’s at the door…after checking out every door to see nobody’s there, I went outside and figured out who came visiting.

Crows. Big ones!

Weirdly, they have discovered that my neighbor’s pecan tree has TONS of nuts. They are so smart, these birds, that they take a nut, go to the roof (of all the houses right around us, not just mine) and knock them on the ridgeline until they crack! Sometimes they roll off, and you’ll hear that too. It’s funny! You’ll hear it hit the patio or driveway.

We’ve been watching these birds now, and see they are in fact, brilliant. They take the nuts, fly high over the street and actually drop them in front of moving cars so they’ll run over them and crack them! Wow. That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile…for sure!

Hope your Saturday was fun! I love days like today. Sprinkled with a little bit of busy, but with a huge dash of relaxation and sun to balance out the week.
Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow! XO

Just a reminder, in case you missed yesterday’s DEBUT- My new book is still on FREE, TOTALLY FREE PROMO UNTIL MONDAY! Don’t miss out….get it today. I want all my friends to get a copy for free. 🙂


ONE SPIN. AN Odyssey into the Moment

Oh, here’s JUST how I felt last week, about Wednesday 3 AM LOL


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