I love a rainy day, and here in LA we don’t see them often. I couldn’t help feeling like I did when I taught school, looking out the window every little while all afternoon, hoping it was still snowing, (so they’d call a snow day before close of business 😉 ) that way I’d know if I had another “day off” from school. See, even teachers like to play hooky! LOL

While the rain was falling today, I got to thinking of blessings, and how they just fall into your life like those sprinkles. All over. You never know when they’ll come or stop-so you’ve got to keep your heart on straight and have it always telling your head what to do.

That’s what I call being “positively” prepared for all the great things that are definitely yours and definitely coming your way. I like that way of living. You?


Nicely spoken, Dr. Dyer.

Hoping you all have a fab Sunday night! Monday’s on the verge, but hey, we’re crossing into December…I don’t believe it!
Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow! XO

Of course, this is perfect tonight…


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