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We just left Rome, and let’s just say that the term “4 Stars” is very subjective.

I think this last place bought theirs, LOL!  Two days with no internet to speak of in my “hotel”. Hotel is a strong word for the place, LOL! Despite two days of sleeping on the bed that probably existed in Caesar’s day, I’m now in the lap in Nice.  No worries, not much of a dent in the fun!

(Oh, savon de Marseille. I feel you’re near.)

I did fall in love, with the colosseum and Palatine area. It was nice to read the signage on the monuments and use all that Latin I learned over the years. Wonders, see, they do never cease! The ancientness of the place…definitely awe inspiring. That so much is still intact, that’s amazing.  

Truly, a wonder of the world, I’ve always wanted to see!

There’s were a lot of locals there, selling everything from fruit to boxer shorts with “ancient” flavor….lol, you would’ve had a good laugh…


I hope your last couple of days have been stellar! I miss you, my friend! What have you been up to?

Much love to you and the fam! I will talk with you soon, there’s much to catch up on! XO


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