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This year is so quickly winding up.

Looking back to this time last year, a lot has come to pass for me. I bet you’re feeling the same way!

Doesn’t it feel like time seems to have flown by and left you wondering if you got everything accomplished and had enough fun in the process this past year?

I’m hoping the answer to that question for you is yes!

I know it has been for me, I can feel it in my spirit. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting a little long in the tooth or because I’m just learning more about myself…but I feel good about where I am. I feel good about where He’s leading me.  You?

Fun isn’t just for kids. I believe that every day has to have a good dose of it, or else I’ve missed out. It can be simple and unplanned, or really well laid out-doesn’t matter, the outcome’s the same.

Smiles and memories. ‘Cause along with all the other stuff in life, those are the things that really make the heart sing and give us hope.

Interesting…I thought fireworks and ball drops were the norm, lol!

Hoping Tuesday’s going well and that you’re ready for the next big holiday! I got my poppers all set to go! 🙂
Much love to you and the fam! Be well and talk to you tomorrow! XO


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