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Life is certainly uncertain.

You know what though? It’s OK to not know exactly who you are, where you’re headed, or what’s on the horizon at every moment. You can find these things out as you go along.

I’m not much on long meditation sessions, but I do take a couple minutes a day to just be and let my mind go.  The only thing to do in that moment is to enjoy the quiet and stillness for a little bit and center up.

Like a breather for your soul.

It’s feels good to reconnect to the place your heart comes from…keeps things in perspective, you know?  Keeps you moving forward with your best part leading the way.

I hope Friday has been a winner-winner out there for you, whatever you got into! The weekend is here and I’m tellin’ you, I’m ready for it!

There’s just something so calming about Sade…bring it on, Friday night!

Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow. XO


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