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I can’t decide if I love to run, or if I’m just doing it so I can justify my love for chocolate.

I do lots of other kinds of exercise, but I just count them as the “stuff” I do when I’m not running.  While torturing myself for that last mile or so this morning, I wondered why that was!

Long as they keep making these, I’ll have to keep going.

Oh yeah, what a great mantra!

What do you do for exercise? What drives you forward with it?

Hoping your day is going by fast, and that you’ve got something great to do when it’s all said and done!
Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow! XO



  1. lol! In my case I tend to be a bit on the lazy side so it’s the need to get my grandson to school and back which means six miles cycling on weekdays (I don’t drive). Actually its mostly alongside three lakes so I’m not complaining.
    My yoga motivation? That’s when things start to ache and I start feeling my age (whoops did I forget all week?) Swimming, well I don’t have a motivation for that one (maybe that’s why I haven’t been in months. A chocolate bar definitely wouldn’t drag me out (though I do enjoy exercise once engaged It’s the thought that doesn’t always appeal) and besides I make my own healthy chocolate bars with coconut butter, cocoa and all kind of dried fruit and nut goodies so I’m free of my chocoholic guilt forever!
    On a different topic I like your laid back writing style think I’ll follow and enjoy some more.

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    1. Oh Claire, it’s so cool to meet you!
      I think we’re kindred spirits, lol!
      Three lakes sounds like an amazing reason to cycle, (besides the need to take a little one to school 🙂 )

      Yoga…don’t get me started on how I got into that- haha! I do have a Bosu ball and LOVE that too- there isn’t enough time in a day to squeeze in all the fun stuff in life, huh?

      Can’t wait to read what you’re up to…talk to you soon and have a great weekend!

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