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Everybody will agree. Whether it’s the 3:30 blues or life seems to be just handing you lemons, sometimes a break from it is like the eye of the hurricane.  A welcome pause in the midst of the chaos.

This spring has been a whirlwind of changes in my life. There were minutes when I didn’t really think I wanted to open my eyes and keep moving forward, but I did. Things now are looking more like normal and we’re hitting one of those super-crazy busy patches where life’s like swimming the rapids. (You’ve got just enough time to take a big gulp of air before you gotta keep moving downstream!)

You know what though, and I can tell you this because you’re my friend, I kind of like it that way.

I like the challenge of making little moments in my life better with what little time I’ve got…it’s sort of a funny challenge, but it makes the easier times all that much sweeter when they arrive.

I guess what I’m saying is keep the faith. Keep it in your heart. He’s not gonna let you fall down…we’ve got to hang onto that and just love the rest of the stuff around it all. That’s it.

LOVE this song, it always makes me smile.

Hoping your FRIDAY is going great! Almost done now! WOO HOO!
Much love to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow! XO


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  1. I am super impressed with the video of your musical taste. Very romantic, rubella great

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