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Errands aren’t usually my cuppa, you know?

Had to do a bunch today, but you know what saved me? The good ‘ol radio! There’s something magical about hearing songs that aren’t on your normal rotation…I heard probably ever iconic “summer” song from years, decades past in a couple of jaunts around town.

Ended up LOVING today. There’s indeed a silver lining in pretty much everything. 🙂

Stay in the moment, share a smile, and love where you are; you’re right as rain.

Oh, you know this one…LOVE the Pet Shop Boys.

Double play! Here’s another awesome one…

Hoping your week is flying by and you’re ready for a smooth slide into summer! I’m there with ya, so save me a seat at that picnic this weekend!
Much love and peace to you and the fam! Talk to you tomorrow….XO



  1. This rose looks like it was made of sugar

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    1. Just like the ones on birthday cakes 🙂 You know, I always think of those sugar roses when I take shots of roses…LOL

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