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My friend, sends me the greatest quotes from time to time that really hit home.

Here’s one from today:

“Vulnerability is the new strong.”

There have been a million “new strong” quotes, overdone for sure-but I like this one.

That’s the hardest thing, isn’t it? Letting someone (or everyone) know that you may not have it all figured out, that things aren’t all “together” somehow.

I’d say,(and I bet you’ll agree), that letting that unprotected piece of personality out into the light is a risk; that takes bravery. (But on the flipside, so does covering it up…that’s not easy either.)

Oh no, is it a chicken and the egg kinda deal? 🙂

When it comes down to it, just be true to yourself, the rest will fall into place.

One of my all time favs…love this song!

Hoping your week is off to a great start! Where Monday went, I dunno, but I’m not complaining!
Much love to you and the fam! Have a nice night and talk to you tomorrow! XO



  1. As usual nice to listen

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  2. Savannah Hardcastle · · Reply

    I love that– vulnerability is the new strong. I’m so vulnerable most days and I’ll never be sorry for it!

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    1. I’m with you, Sav! There’s such power in not looking back, huh? 🙂

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      1. Savannah Hardcastle · ·

        Yes and yes!!!!

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      2. What you said, girlie! Have a fab weekend!

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