Domain Hunter Gatherer – The Easy Way To Find Expired Domains

Domain Hunter Gatherer – The Easy Way To Find Expired Domains, expired domains, PBN

Expired Domains and Private Blog Networks are Key

In today’s world of online marketing, whether you have a blog, do affiliate marketing, have an eCom (Shopify, Etsy, eBay, etc…) store or just a pet passion project you want like the world to see, you need to use SEO or some tactic to get yourself seen.  That’s just the law of the jungle.

I think I found a way to help you navigate this confusing web of tactics, and I’d like to share it with you today.

About Me

I’m a partner of a boutique digital agency in Los Angeles.  Our main goal is to help our clients get  more internet traffic through SEO, installing local wifi hotspots, driving YouTube video traffic to their channels and implementing Pay-Per-Click campaigns.  Pay-Per-Click is out of scope for this topic even though it is the “great equalizer” when it comes to online traffic if you don’t have page 1 Google ranking yet, but I just mention it as something we can implement to help our clients.

SEO  & Backlinks

There are two types of  SEO tactics that any business can use to get more traffic.   On-page SEO and off-page SEO.  Today we’re focusing on off-page SEO, specifically backlinks that could be already associated with expired domains that could provide a boost to your domain authority and provide better SEO rankings for your business. This tactic also can be combined with building Private Blog Networks, (PBNs).   PBNs are blogs you own or use that are very selective in to whom, what, and when they provide backlinks to other sites because they wish to protect their inherited domain authority.

These backlinks are internal links from a blog or website out to another site.  The organic type from a blog is highly prized over just “creating” or “buying”  backlinks.  Having a PBN in your backpocket as a business would be a great way to build these highly trusted backlinks for yourself and ensure their quality.

Get  a PBN

You need a PBN to create these great backlinks, and there are two ways you can get one.  

The first way is to purchase.  You need to buy  an expired domain for the purpose of building a PBN.  The second way is to start from scratch and build up your own domain authority in such a way as to protect its integrity. Either way you choose,  Google trusts that you have good content on it,  and in turn trusts that when your PBN posts a link to another site, it’s OK to give that site some “domain authority juice”.  This means that the posting PBN would experience a boost in its own Google SEO rankings.  (The end goal!)

This tactic  of using expired domains is worth investigating!

The best time to search for good opportunities with expired domains is before they are expired. The heavy competition for such domains means that if you snooze, you lose.   The process of searching can be difficult though, it’s hard to remember what you saw and where, and then compare them all. This time consuming and confusing process can be totally eliminated with Domain Hunter Gatherer.

The Domain Hunter Gatherer platform helps you see what is about to expire and gives you time to prepare. With this valuable intel, you’re poised to pounce on the domain you’re focused on as soon as it’s available! If you’re as busy as I am, you’re always looking for easier, automated ways to build your network or websites.   I came across Domain Hunter Gatherer and was really impressed with their services and pricing.  Hey, the lowest level is FREE!   (How can you complain about that?)

For You Visual Folks, Here’s a Video Giving a 30,000′ Overview:

Domain Hunter Gatherer


How to Get Moving with Domain Hunter Gatherer

Start the ball rolling with the  FREE level and see life get a little easier!

When you opt for this level, you’ll have to complete a few manual steps in the process,  but overall this tool will help you find what is available and then you can start to focus on the work needed to secure one.

Step up a  level to Premium for just $17.00 a month and get everything the FREE version provides plus more services for Web 2.0 sites.  You also gain links AND social shares,  which boost that “domain authority juice” we ‘re looking for.   You’ll also have access to more threads and unlimited accounts and a 30 day money back guarantee.  This level’s a no brainer if you’re looking to make life a bit more streamlined in the office.

Go all out with the Professional level at $87.00 a month.  The premium level throws in the kitchen sink and provides all the information you need to find any site you want to acquire.  You’ll see this all in one spot.  The only thing you’ll have to do is  actually purchase the domain when you find it.   The features  for the Professional level are too numerous to list here so just visit here to check it out.

Thank You, Now Get Moving with an Expired Domain!

Thanks for hanging in there!  Lastly, if you’re looking for an easy way to to research and remember information about expiring domains , then take a sec and Domain Hunter Gatherer a real look.  The automation and features will floor you!

Best of Luck!

Diana Westberg

Westberg and Associates, LLC


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