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I’ve just recently found the answer to my summer hair problems!  (Click that for the whole story) (Yeah, I had an overheating issue and actually resorted to cutting it shorter for relief.) Making a long story short, the plastic jaw clip wasn’t cutting it for me and I somehow stumbled on these beautiful and luxe […]

  Sparkle and shine are two of my favorite things. Everywhere in town, lights are coming on. Homes and businesses are glowing with holiday charm…tonight seems especially beautiful because it’s actually a little misty and rainy outside. (Just my favorite kind of relaxing night…) That twinkle means the holidays are getting close! I can’t believe […]


Few things excite me more than a great cup of coffee and if it’s around, something or someone wonderful to go with it. I’ve been dying to try the Danish Kringle from OH Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin since I saw it last holiday season…I’ve finally scored an almond one, (Almond croissants are my fav!) and […]


I love to travel, I never get bored with exploring someplace different. Recently I took advantage of R’s business trip to Boston and had a couple of days to really remember what fall color does for the soul…simply put, it was like jumping into a cool lake on a hot day for me. My spirits […]


Weekends are made for discovery, and I’ve been so busy, I’m finding new ways to appreciate every single moment. This one has been a whirlwind of great stuff, progress and togetherness with my hubby and it’s been literally a shot in the arm. I needed a break, and even though I just spent 2 hours […]


I’m not sure if it’s the change in the calendar or the one in the air, but I’ve gotten a second wind when it comes to seeing the world over the last few days. Fall is my favorite season, and everything that arrives with it seems to inspire me to capture and embrace every moment […]


Droughts can have a bright side. Cacti and succulents are among my favorite friends in the plant world. ‘Course I love a great flower or ten. Really though, my heart belongs to the prickly beauty of one who can’t be caressed, but admired from afar. Eccentric in shape, color, and form; they embody the unique […]