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Today was a nice one, in so many ways. (A few surprises, a lot of quiet moments…) Hoping that your Thanksgiving is going beautifully for you and yours. Much love and peace to you, my friend! What a nice track to unwind this evening with…. Advertisements


  When change seems elusive, you gotta remember to hang on. Hang in there. See it through. Don’t stop till you make it. One is not the loneliest number, it’s the leader of the pack…way out in front.  (And amazing all the way, so rock on!) Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough   Much love […]


I love these shots. I got to searching Mel and Anne the other day because we were watching a movie of Anne’s…and those just popped up.  (Yes, sadly she’s gone now.) Something about seeing those smiles got me thinking a lot this past few days about true happiness. What do we need to be happy?  I […]


Something is definitely around the corner…the light is changing, the dust hangs in like brilliant glitter…my favorite time of year is almost here! I love the way life is reflected in the moments that are captured by the lens. Time becomes frozen, that pretty moment of vulnerability burned into my mind-so that when I look […]


While on the road this week, I discovered that sometimes being stuck in traffic isn’t all bad…it’s all a by product of productivity. I’m thankful for any moment of peace. Things have been SO busy on this end, I barely get a break during the week to chat with you, my friend, (But I’m still […]


Empowerment can come from a million sources, it’s different for each of us. What you can do with that energy is unlimited! Whatever you’re trying to do in your life, from career to personal growth-you’re the key piece to the puzzle.  Amp up your confidence, (yes, you can do it! I’ll be your cheerleader! 🙂 […]


I love this: “In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility.” ~ Victoria Moran One of the coolest things about life is that you can never be guaranteed the same day twice. Each minute is new and different […]