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Cold weather makes me want nothing more than hot coffee, a great movie, and the time to slow down… Here’s to long, cool nights with someone you love. Here’s just the song that says it all… Foolish Heart ~ Steve Perry Something to sip while you dream… Ooh…Nutella Hot Chocolate How To Hoping the week […]


Few things excite me more than a great cup of coffee and if it’s around, something or someone wonderful to go with it. I’ve been dying to try the Danish Kringle from OH Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin since I saw it last holiday season…I’ve finally scored an almond one, (Almond croissants are my fav!) and […]


I love to travel, I never get bored with exploring someplace different. Recently I took advantage of R’s business trip to Boston and had a couple of days to really remember what fall color does for the soul…simply put, it was like jumping into a cool lake on a hot day for me. My spirits […]


Droughts can have a bright side. Cacti and succulents are among my favorite friends in the plant world. ‘Course I love a great flower or ten. Really though, my heart belongs to the prickly beauty of one who can’t be caressed, but admired from afar. Eccentric in shape, color, and form; they embody the unique […]


Something is definitely around the corner…the light is changing, the dust hangs in like brilliant glitter…my favorite time of year is almost here! I love the way life is reflected in the moments that are captured by the lens. Time becomes frozen, that pretty moment of vulnerability burned into my mind-so that when I look […]


While on the road this week, I discovered that sometimes being stuck in traffic isn’t all bad…it’s all a by product of productivity. I’m thankful for any moment of peace. Things have been SO busy on this end, I barely get a break during the week to chat with you, my friend, (But I’m still […]


Switching gears in life is a weird combination of anticipation and nerves. Those thoughts in your head  have to take a backseat to the foot that’s on the gas. (In this case, having a leadfoot is a good thing!) Whatever you’re in the mood to make happen in life, just go for it. Think of […]