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We all have a source of inspiration. A source of power. Positive energy. Strength. When I see this particular misty paleness in the early morning or late afternoon, that’s the time I feel it rise. The hope of what’s to come. Whether it’s a challenge of a new day or the peace that comes with […]


Bloom in your own time. When you’re in tune with yourself, inside and out; good things happen. Sometimes feeling at odds with the world is a good thing, I take that to mean that those inner strengths and values are winning. (Winning the war against swimming with the mainstream, going with the “norm”.) I love […]


  When change seems elusive, you gotta remember to hang on. Hang in there. See it through. Don’t stop till you make it. One is not the loneliest number, it’s the leader of the pack…way out in front.  (And amazing all the way, so rock on!) Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough   Much love […]


Empowerment can come from a million sources, it’s different for each of us. What you can do with that energy is unlimited! Whatever you’re trying to do in your life, from career to personal growth-you’re the key piece to the puzzle.  Amp up your confidence, (yes, you can do it! I’ll be your cheerleader! 🙂 […]


Every day can hold an adventure. A discovery. A passion. Something to learn. Opening up the heart, mind, and eyes to let it in-that’s all we have to do! I’ve been really busy lately, and finding new ways to look at things has really helped me to dial in and make the most of everything […]


I saw the greatest quote just now: “Encourage each other daily while it is still today.” ~Anonymous It made my think of my husband. Consistently he’s always building people up. Showcasing their skills on work projects, giving people ideas on how to solve problems, listening to differing points of view and taking only the good […]


This morning I was getting ready for my morning run and IT RAINED! The smell of that long lost friend on the hot pavement is one of those little joys in life, you know? Who knows if it will continue to fall, (as they predict this weekend) but hope is in the air! Along those […]