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Like I didn’t need more inspiration to hit the road… I already can’t sleep!  Turn the bass up! Launch 4 Highlights: Hoping your week is flying by! Happy Hump Day! XO Advertisements


Issue: I can’t decide if I love to run, or if I’m just doing it so I can justify my love for chocolate. I do lots of other kinds of exercise, but I just count them as the “stuff” I do when I’m not running.  While torturing myself for that last mile or so this […]


Opened my email (the junky one) for the first time in a few days and OH YEAH!, got totally psyched for the challenge of the day. (Well, the challenge for the next 6 weeks…) I gotta tell you though, it took me an hour to get fully psyched… The PUSH YOUR LIMITS CHALLENGE. […]


OK. I’ll admit it, just this once. I have kind of noticed what my new neighbors have been moving in this past couple of weeks. First it was the windchimes, a lot of windchimes. Then the christmas lights and funny yard decor. (There is a fake squirrel on the garage roof) Then the funny pet […]


The best way is always through.” ~Robert Frost   Doing my last HIIT session of burpees and mountain climbers today for the week I got to smiling. I made it through the week. Paid for it in sweat and truthfully tears. Sometimes I totally get some freaky hormonal thing and I go through circles of […]


I am stricken daily by reminders that I’m long in the tooth. Usually it’s harmless, like forgetting where the keys are or if the hose is turned off. Sometimes it makes more work for me. Case in point: HIIT TRAINING. I don’t know if you’re a fan of it, but I am. Anything that maximizes […]


Life’s so full of possibilities.  Choices come right behind them.  Pathways are determined and defined by the choices on the road to the possibility-right?  (I mean, that seems logical, doesn’t it?) There’s way much more “do or die” stuff out there in the world to face, (and on my plate, even) than fitness and workouts. […]