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Time surely does fly when you’re busy, have you noticed that? I often wonder how I get on tangents in life. I’ve been all over the spectrum this last year, from finance to figuring out how people think. I’ve learned a lot, (some of which I wish I hadn’t-LOL), but ultimately I’ve discovered something about […]


Dawn is one of those special times you just want to hold onto all day. The quiet, calm, and color just kickstart my brain into wanting to discover everything I can before the night falls in again. Today’s was certainly a beauty, looking over the quieter side of Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica had an ethereal […]


A bridge is a metaphor in your day. Crossing them can mean leaving one place and entering another; embarking on a journey that brings you closer to where you want to be. Sometimes we keep going and don’t look back. Often we return from the direction we came from, because home is on that horizon. Whatever the […]


We just left Rome, and let’s just say that the term “4 Stars” is very subjective. I think this last place bought theirs, LOL!  Two days with no internet to speak of in my “hotel”. Hotel is a strong word for the place, LOL! Despite two days of sleeping on the bed that probably existed […]


The weather here may be less than perfect, but some things never change… We braved the rain for a peek, and the wind was amazing. Strong enough to make it a pop out of the metro, see it, turn around and head for a warm spot for coffee. 🙂 Everywhere in Paris is popping up Christmas-the […]


We went really early this morning to Notre Dame…the quiet inside and out was so peaceful. The Gothic architecture and heavy gravity of the place always has a way of sending some peace and a great bit of appreciation for the dedication and expertise of the ancient ones who built it. Stone by stone. Carved, […]


Today is feeling like a milestone in so many ways! I’m on the verge of completing a couple of huge projects I’ve had in heavy production mode for a few weeks now and I can really feel the fresh air zoomin’ in my window. You know what I’m talking about, you’ve been there too…it’s a […]