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Cold weather makes me want nothing more than hot coffee, a great movie, and the time to slow down… Here’s to long, cool nights with someone you love. Here’s just the song that says it all… Foolish Heart ~ Steve Perry Something to sip while you dream… Ooh…Nutella Hot Chocolate How To Hoping the week […]


Hello Friends! Grab your Raisinettes and head on over to AMC! I got this coupon and wanted to share it with you. I’m not sure where you’re hangin’ your hat, but the coupon is good this weekend only in certain cities. Who doesn’t love Simon Pegg? AMC: Get up to two FREE tickets to see […]


Saturdays like this are just what the doctor ordered…not much on the agenda, time to take a stroll and chill at home to watch some classic sci-fi. Aliens is first on the agenda…the theatrical original version, of course. 🙂 You can’t get a more perfect night than some movie time at home with your main […]


Variety is definitely something I look forward to in life…nothing ever is the same one day to the next. (Unless you let it be that way)  You probably also find that to be true in yours.   Likely that’s the key to enjoying life, allowing these little different bits to spice things up-but recognizing that […]


How’s life treating you, my friend?  I’m hoping it’s what you want it to be, like as in, you dig the vibe in how it’s flowin’ for you… Every single day  I’m amazed that I’m still movin’ forward, those curveballs I used to cringe at, now I dive for.  I figure they’re a way to […]


Saw this mug in a dive of a thrift shop (the best kind of thrift shop!) and thought of Jane Fonda and the beginning of an era…now I guess it’d be CARDIO! CARDIO! CARDIO! Whatever you decide to call it, it’s all the same. Hard work! 🙂 I’m so glad it’s Wednesday, ’cause this week […]


If you need to get on the road to really grabbing hold of your true heart’s desire (no matter what it is, it doesn’t have to be restaurant oriented), you HAVE to see this movie. Hands down, it will open your heart and your brain to doing what you’re driven and called to do. Only […]