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In the age of being aware of everything around you, I wonder how sometimes the most important things slip right past the radar? Taking a moment now in a busy day to be considerate of the process of life…not just rush it all along to get to the next thing. Just checking in to be […]


Side effects are usually considered negative. The rain in Southern California has totally flipped that negative upside down. Wildflowers are popping up here along every roadside…yellow, orange, purple. I can’t imagine a nicer side effect to a little bit of rain, can you? Blaze on, I say! I love this one! Fun! Hoping your Wednesday […]


There are reasons for everything. Case in point, my funny love for fruit flies. For many years I studied the genetics of the wild fruit fly, D. melanogaster.   While working with them for real “scientific” reasons, somehow I also became infatuated with their persistence and ability to find the fruits they love. They’ll travel […]


You know how sometimes you get to experience one of those epically beautiful days? Today was one of many in my life…and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Isn’t it amazing how life gives you just what you need, exactly when you need it? Wherever you are, whatever path life take you on; choose […]


Dawn is one of those special times you just want to hold onto all day. The quiet, calm, and color just kickstart my brain into wanting to discover everything I can before the night falls in again. Today’s was certainly a beauty, looking over the quieter side of Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica had an ethereal […]


We just left Rome, and let’s just say that the term “4 Stars” is very subjective. I think this last place bought theirs, LOL!  Two days with no internet to speak of in my “hotel”. Hotel is a strong word for the place, LOL! Despite two days of sleeping on the bed that probably existed […]


The lights are coming up all over town for Christmas…but I’m still holding court in July somewhere deep inside… There’s just something so magical about the way light bounces off a dusty field after a hot day; throwing that glow all over everything it seeps through.  Glory in real life. This song always just puts […]