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Time surely does fly when you’re busy, have you noticed that? I often wonder how I get on tangents in life. I’ve been all over the spectrum this last year, from finance to figuring out how people think. I’ve learned a lot, (some of which I wish I hadn’t-LOL), but ultimately I’ve discovered something about […]


For me, there’s nothing more special about the stillness and quiet of the early morning… Dew caught by chilly wind makes the most beautiful tracings on my heart. Hoping your holiday weekend is getting filled with treasures; both in moments and in people. Frost Flowers Much love to you and yours!  Talk to you tomorrow! […]


Destiny. The thing in life you have to embrace, can’t mess around with, and can’t wait to reveal itself… It’s one of those unpredictable things that you have to follow your heart on. That little voice in there is your waypoint, it comes from a Higher place. Even when things get rough, the way to […]


Dawn is one of those special times you just want to hold onto all day. The quiet, calm, and color just kickstart my brain into wanting to discover everything I can before the night falls in again. Today’s was certainly a beauty, looking over the quieter side of Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica had an ethereal […]