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Bloom in your own time. When you’re in tune with yourself, inside and out; good things happen. Sometimes feeling at odds with the world is a good thing, I take that to mean that those inner strengths and values are winning. (Winning the war against swimming with the mainstream, going with the “norm”.) I love […]


Every day is a new slate. A way to make things happen, get them right, help someone reach a goal or live a dream. Here’s to lighting up the world! Hope has no expiration date, so keep it close and use it all the time. You have so much to share with the world! Such […]


I heard this one today, it made me feel better abut being “impulsive”. “Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.” – Alfred North Whitehead What it helped me to see is that I don’t just get on “kicks” to do things. I’m inspired by an idea to look at things in a new […]


Courage. Life requires it every single day. From getting out of bed in the morning, to wrestling with the things that touch our moments. I’m figuring out that the cliche about figuring out what you’re made of is so true. You have to look inside your heart. Immediately deal with the disappointments and fear the […]


Overthinking stuff isn’t good. Sometimes things work out beautifully when you don’t plan them. I’m figuring out that you can’t cut hope or faith out of any equation. These two elements are like the sunrise. Essentially important to all life and predictable. Even when things aren’t tough, still keeping them “turned on” in your heart […]


The classics. No matter what they are, from clothing to movies, they just seem to stand the test of time. There’s just something about them that keeps them always feeling new. This book I’ve been reading for awhile off and on kind of puts me in that state of mind… I’m sure I’ve mentioned it […]


Foundations matter. Where you start with, what you’re rooted in, counts. Like anyone anywhere in this world, starting with 1, with the heart, seems logical. Personally I’ve never apologized for being saved. For me, that’s my 20 lb. anchor in every storm. Yeah, faith has and is getting me through some stuff in my life. […]