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Happy New Year! Happy January! Along with the calendar change, we’ve got some real rain in the forecast. (Southern California hasn’t really had true rain in probably 5 years!) We took a drive down the coast yesterday to our favorite spot to see dolphins, but instead saw some amazing clouds…even though they were a little […]


I love uncomplicated stuff. Sun drenched color, linen, sunsets, people, great music…it’s a long list. Life has so much other stuff to throw a wrench in the works; being surrounded by things that soothe your soul doesn’t seem like a luxury, but a necessity.   Enjoy your life, wherever it takes you. Lovely…I can’t get […]


Side effects are usually considered negative. The rain in Southern California has totally flipped that negative upside down. Wildflowers are popping up here along every roadside…yellow, orange, purple. I can’t imagine a nicer side effect to a little bit of rain, can you? Blaze on, I say! I love this one! Fun! Hoping your Wednesday […]


Inspiration. I was just chatting with my friend about weekend plans and got to thinking about Coronado…I’ve been trying to carve out time to get back down there for a month or so now. (That usually comes after I haven’t been down for a visit in a few months, LOL!) There’s something very special about this […]


Spring is on the verge… My butterfly weed has the proof. The new generation’s found its time in the sun. What a cool promise of great things to come. Hoping your Thursday went away with a smile! Friday is just about here, and I think I’ll celebrate early… Here’s a fun way to make your […]


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about capability and possibility. Truth simply is, we are capable of anything we need and want to do and everything is a possibility for us.  Forget what you’ve been told and thought regarding limits on that. Feeling like it’s not? Stop thinking that way, now. Remember this one big […]


I’m always on the lookout for amazing things…stuff that makes me want to jump on a plane and see it in real life. I love how usually these places go undiscovered for a million years, or nobody knows how they got there…proves that we’re part of something much, much bigger than us. (As if you […]