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Happy New Year! Happy January! Along with the calendar change, we’ve got some real rain in the forecast. (Southern California hasn’t really had true rain in probably 5 years!) We took a drive down the coast yesterday to our favorite spot to see dolphins, but instead saw some amazing clouds…even though they were a little […]


Today was a nice one, in so many ways. (A few surprises, a lot of quiet moments…) Hoping that your Thanksgiving is going beautifully for you and yours. Much love and peace to you, my friend! What a nice track to unwind this evening with….


Cold weather makes me want nothing more than hot coffee, a great movie, and the time to slow down… Here’s to long, cool nights with someone you love. Here’s just the song that says it all… Foolish Heart ~ Steve Perry Something to sip while you dream… Ooh…Nutella Hot Chocolate How To Hoping the week […]


Some days are made for just ignoring schedules, pressure, and hype. Following the heart where it leads you. Hangin’ with those who bring you up and inspire you…and letting that positive vibe bring you higher. Stay in that place, at all costs. I love it, but I can barely take it to the end… Hoping […]


The weekend is here, and this is the mood I’m in…hope you’re groovin’ to your own song. Be strong. Be well. Be blessed. You’re a gem, and don’t let nobody tell you different or steal your mojo-hang on to that tight! AWESOME.  Love everything ’bout this one! Hoping your weekend is of to a smooth […]


I heard this one today, it made me feel better abut being “impulsive”. “Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.” – Alfred North Whitehead What it helped me to see is that I don’t just get on “kicks” to do things. I’m inspired by an idea to look at things in a new […]


There is just something about the ocean that has me always coming back for more… Maybe it’s the color blue it gets off in the distance when it’s deeper. Maybe it’s the flashing silver of the sun bouncing off the swells. Maybe it’s the vastness of it. The not knowing what lies beneath the surface, […]