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Today was a nice one, in so many ways. (A few surprises, a lot of quiet moments…) Hoping that your Thanksgiving is going beautifully for you and yours. Much love and peace to you, my friend! What a nice track to unwind this evening with…. Advertisements


There is just something about the ocean that has me always coming back for more… Maybe it’s the color blue it gets off in the distance when it’s deeper. Maybe it’s the flashing silver of the sun bouncing off the swells. Maybe it’s the vastness of it. The not knowing what lies beneath the surface, […]


Life seems so great when you add color to it… People, experiences,relationships, dreams, music…anything you can think of adds a shade, a tone to life. Your palette grows and changes with you. Just like ancient art, you get more depth the longer you throw yourself into what you do. Life is an amazing adventure, isn’t […]


I love uncomplicated stuff. Sun drenched color, linen, sunsets, people, great music…it’s a long list. Life has so much other stuff to throw a wrench in the works; being surrounded by things that soothe your soul doesn’t seem like a luxury, but a necessity.   Enjoy your life, wherever it takes you. Lovely…I can’t get […]


Foundations matter. Where you start with, what you’re rooted in, counts. Like anyone anywhere in this world, starting with 1, with the heart, seems logical. Personally I’ve never apologized for being saved. For me, that’s my 20 lb. anchor in every storm. Yeah, faith has and is getting me through some stuff in my life. […]


I saw this today and just LOVE IT! Way to rock what you do! I’m always inspired by people in this big world.  🙂 Hoping your weekend is filled with stuff that thrills you! There’s still a lot of fun to be had, so don’t stop now! Much love to you and the fam! Talk […]


The sun just set on another glorious Thursday… Officially it’s Friday! (I hear you clapping, oh wait, that’s me!) What a great mantra: “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~John R. Wooden That’s where I’m puttin’ my laser focus. We CAN do it all. Oh Friday, I’m in love! […]