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Happy New Year! Happy January! Along with the calendar change, we’ve got some real rain in the forecast. (Southern California hasn’t really had true rain in probably 5 years!) We took a drive down the coast yesterday to our favorite spot to see dolphins, but instead saw some amazing clouds…even though they were a little […]


If there is a good thing about junk drawers, it’s finding those old rolls of “mystery film”. I had 3 this past week… After the initial- “how old are they/have they been stored badly/ is it worth spending the money on developing them”, conversation, (which I always wonder why I go through, of course I’m […]


Today left with a beautiful sunset… I don’t know how many I’ve seen, but I never get tired of being on the edge of the world watching them. Dreaming about what comes next. Seeing people flock to see it; that simple act inspires me to appreciate every little thing. I love those kind of moments. […]


Music is so powerful. I can’t think of many other things in life that can bring back so many details to the day. You’re in a store and you hear the first song you slow danced to at the 7th grade dance. You’re driving and one comes on that reminds you of your first true […]


Inspiration. I was just chatting with my friend about weekend plans and got to thinking about Coronado…I’ve been trying to carve out time to get back down there for a month or so now. (That usually comes after I haven’t been down for a visit in a few months, LOL!) There’s something very special about this […]


Life is certainly uncertain. You know what though? It’s OK to not know exactly who you are, where you’re headed, or what’s on the horizon at every moment. You can find these things out as you go along. I’m not much on long meditation sessions, but I do take a couple minutes a day to […]


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about capability and possibility. Truth simply is, we are capable of anything we need and want to do and everything is a possibility for us.  Forget what you’ve been told and thought regarding limits on that. Feeling like it’s not? Stop thinking that way, now. Remember this one big […]