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Happy New Year! Happy January! Along with the calendar change, we’ve got some real rain in the forecast. (Southern California hasn’t really had true rain in probably 5 years!) We took a drive down the coast yesterday to our favorite spot to see dolphins, but instead saw some amazing clouds…even though they were a little […]


Today was a nice one, in so many ways. (A few surprises, a lot of quiet moments…) Hoping that your Thanksgiving is going beautifully for you and yours. Much love and peace to you, my friend! What a nice track to unwind this evening with….


Time surely does fly when you’re busy, have you noticed that? I often wonder how I get on tangents in life. I’ve been all over the spectrum this last year, from finance to figuring out how people think. I’ve learned a lot, (some of which I wish I hadn’t-LOL), but ultimately I’ve discovered something about […]


For me, there’s nothing more special about the stillness and quiet of the early morning… Dew caught by chilly wind makes the most beautiful tracings on my heart. Hoping your holiday weekend is getting filled with treasures; both in moments and in people. Frost Flowers Much love to you and yours!  Talk to you tomorrow! […]


I saw the greatest quote just now: “Encourage each other daily while it is still today.” ~Anonymous It made my think of my husband. Consistently he’s always building people up. Showcasing their skills on work projects, giving people ideas on how to solve problems, listening to differing points of view and taking only the good […]


There’s just something about riding a bike that isn’t just for saving gas… Remember those days when all that was on the agenda was a ride around town with your friends and the days seemed to never end? (What happened to that feeling, by the way? No they last like 3 hours!) I love that […]


“Everyone has the power to inspire and serve the world.” ~Lolly Daskal I love that quote! (My friend Lolly is so right on with them, she’s the quote whisperer.) Likely while we move through our days and weeks, we don’t get to see how we affect others in our paths; even so, it’s happening. (Keep […]